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Imagine Big Brother and 28 Weeks Later in one movie.

When we first saw this trailer a couple of weeks ago we were perplexed and confused as Big Brother is usually in the summer here in the UK and then we were smiling at the end of it. It's a Halloween special on Channel 4 and it runs for a whole week. We saw the first episode last night and I was screaming and hiding under the covers for most of the scenes. I can't wait for the next installment tonight!

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Here's the deal. Rick and Steve. Gay couple. Interracial obviously. Rick is a Filipino who lives in West Lahunga beach who is obsessed with cleaning and is a programmer. Steve is the other half. He's caucasian who is obsessed with his looks and likes to go to the gym all the time. He's an estate agent.

If you are a Filipino or more importantly a Filipino gay guy who is in a relationship with a white guy then you'd laugh your ass off watching this series.

Btw, the maker and director of this movie is a Filipino who happens to be related to the legendary film director Lino Brocka and he didn't even know his uncle was an admired filmmaker in the Philippines. ENJOY!!!

it's been a year...

we didn't even realise it but it's been one year this month since daz and i moved out from my folks' house in the chine and moved to our own little rented house. i remember when daz moved in with me in my parent's house. it was scary at first for me knowing he'll be moving in with a bunch of filipinos. i was worried he might not like the smell of the food, the way we do things, the way we approach situations and just of course i was worried if we could live together under the same roof.

it wasn't easy but it wasn't difficult either. he had to make little adjustments and i have to make some adjustments as well inorder for all of us to live harmoniously under one roof. one of the best things about living with your parents is knowing that you don't have to worry about your tea or lunch. everytime we arrive from work, there's always tea ready and all you do is either heat it up or sit down and eat it. in the early days when daz moved in, mama was always worried on what to cook him for tea. it's a good thing he wasn't very fussy with food that by the second or third month, mama stopped asking and daz would just eat whatever is on the table. to this day, daz still enjoys mama's tinola, bihon, lumpia, empanada, and of course the pinoy sweet spaghetti. everytime we visit them mama would always make sure we have some food to bring home.

now that we have our own place, we don't have to worry about other people as it's just the two of us. we don't have to worry when we do our food shopping as it's just for the two of us that we are doing it for. we can pick up what we want without having to worry my brother might not like to eat it or my sister-in-law is allergic to it. it's also sometimes a nightmare to decide what to have for tea when you come home from work tired and have to cook it for yourself. that's probably why microwave meals are still very sellable (saleable?!sp?). i have to admit there are some of them that really taste good and all you do is take them out of the box and put them in the microwave, after a few minutes you sit and eat your tea. no washing and no hassle.

it has been a very wonderful first year in this house. hopefully we won't have to stay here for a long time. when the housing market looks a bit better then daz and i would be ready to do the mature thing and get ourselves a decent house we can call our own.

p.s. all the houses we've lived are all even numbers. we have lived in 16 duchess way then at 18 canterbury court and then at 20 the chine and now at 22 the wicketts... maybe it's 24 _____ close. i would love to live in a close or a crescent or a cul-de-sac. i don't mind really. hehehe

pc games

most of you know how hooked i am at the moment with pc games. i remember back in uni when i used to play diable, age of empires, age of mythology and other pc games all the time and it didn't stop until a few years ago before i moved to the uk. i played all god of wars games both in pc and in ps2. my cebu posse friends and i used to go out in the middle of the night to play diablo in an internet cafe and we stayed up very late. i miss those days. when daz and i got our new pc, my love for them resurfaced. i bought the civilization iv game, black & white 2 (which i love so much!) and assasin's creed (becoz they didn't release it on ps2 being a windows game). i can't stay up all night playing them now as i'm more disciplined when to stop to get my beauty sleep so i won't like a zombie at work the following day.

one of the things i hated 'bout pc games though are how difficult they are sometimes to install. unlike ps2 or xbox or wii, you know when it doesn't work, bring it back and get another one. it is entirely different with pc as one game may work perfectly with pc while others don't even if your pc meets the minimum requirements for it. i found out about this early on but didn't realise it is still happening to this day. when i installed assasin's creed, i played about 5 minutes into the game while i'm still getting used to the controls when the images started flickering. my eyes are already ruined enough that flickering images aren't really very helpful. i first thought it's part of the effects but there seems to be no disclaimer about strobe lighting on the packaging. i checked, rechecked, searched online, read forums but couldn't find an answer so i have to do the responsible geeky thing to do- submit a question to the techguys. i have to use an alias of course. lolz. they responded after 24 hours and told me to do this, delete this, run it on this, update this, restart this and try again. i probably annoyed daz with the many times he hears the startup music of windows for the many times i've restarted the pc but to this day i still haven't fixed it. i'm thinking of selling the game on ebay or have it swapped with another game with my other game that i never played (Rome: total war is shite!) and just borrow my brothers xbox 360 and get a copy of assasin's creed there. i know i sound really eager to play the game but i really like games like these. i may even have to get a ps3 once the new god of war is out sometime next year besides they have more than one use now these days. as far as our experience is concerned, our ps2 outlived 2 if not 3 of our dvd players.

anyway, i don't want to bore you anymore with my rantings. i was just so looking forward to playing the game this sunday in my pjs and not doing anything. hope yours is going better than mine. xoxo

I'm losing my touch...

I was making tea a couple of nights ago and I can't seem to cook the rice properly. I have never had any problems cooking the before but that particular day, I was screwing it up. I tried to boil it but it got burnt and some bits are uncooked then I tried cooking it on the rice cooker but it wasn'tt working still then I did it on the steamer but it' still not right. I feared I've lost my Pinoy touch and I panicked. Later that week, I went to the Filipino store and treated myself with some pancit canton, marinated bangus, maggi savor, and mang tomas sarsa. I alsoo scooped out every Mama Sita powder I can get my hands on for caldereta, adobo, tocino mix, etc. I can't believe how expesive the bangus are- for four tiny pieces of it, I have to pay £4.95! It's extortion! I was desperate to get my Pinoy touch so I had to fork it out. I'm pleased to say that I've got my groove back so no need to panic. I'm still Brilipino! Whew!

Anyway on a totally off topic, i took this random Olympic quiz on CNN and I thought I would share it with you guys.

If I was a sports person i'd be a Volleyball player
You are a people person. You like to be around all sorts, and thrive in a team environment. You also are drawn to boundaries, such as those provided by nets, court lines and mainstream music -- why rock the boat? At the same time, travelling by air is the only way to go.
Click here to find out what type of athlete you would be...


Spinnaker Tower

Spinnaker Tower
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
13 July 2008


Dear diary,

I am in a dilemma. My contract for my phone is up and I do love my current Samsung U600 but I'm obligated by my soul to get a new phone. Daz got his just after we came back from holiday and he's got a shiny new Samsung U900! I don't know what to get though. My brother sold his old iPhone and got the new 16gig one but I'm not going to spend all that money for a phone so iPhone is out of the picture. I'm torn between these two below but I don't know what to get. I like the unusual and very sleek almost sidekick-style qwerty keypad popularised by T-mobile years back of the Samsung F700 but I also adore the traditional, straighforward, and professional look of the Blackberry Curve. Please help. I've read most of the reviews but I can't seem to get a clear winner. Help me!


Yours truly,

Desperate Techie

p.s. sometimes, Samsung F480 makes an appearance in my options as well. I'm so confused right now!

A Major rant

Last Monday, Daz and I chance upon a really interesting documentary on BBC One. The program deals with the different lives of the immigrants living in the UK. Being an immigrant myself, I was interested to see what other cultures experience when they move in the UK so we started recording the episodes. Just this Monday, they featured the lives of two Filipina women living in the UK supporting their families back home. Their stories are not the typical stories you hear about Filipinos leaving their country for greener pastures. In these stories, you will hear quite the opposite.

pinas, work, gladiators, etc.

It's almost a month since we came back from our holiday last April yet until now, we still wish we were there. Daz was bargaining with me earlier today that we'd get to buy a PC or Mac if we can afford it before his birthday if I will agree that we will go back again next year to the Philippines. I haven't said yes or no yet. Thanks again for all our friends who took time to see and spent time with us. Daz and I had a blast as you may have read in his LJ. It was such a special and important trip for me as it was the first time that Daz has met my Posse friends that he's been hearing about for 2 years.

--- oo0oo ---

Gladiators is back on SkyOne and the first episode aired just tonight. We have it recorded on Sky+ so we won't miss an episode. I remember when i was growing up it was on telly and it was so much fun. Why wouldn't I love a show where gorgeous men in tight lycra ran around grabbing each other and flexing their muscles? It's the perfect television programme! This time around, they've kept some of the challenges and will be introducing new ones as well. More importantly, Daz and I are totally going gaga over the Gladiators themselves. We just adore Spartan (see picture below) and should be renamed demigod. He's very good with the battles and he's got a long tongue like Daz as well. We're already looking to get some tickets on the actual shows. It's only an hour and a half drive from Bristol to Birmingham. My Sundays are going to get better from now on...

--- oo0oo ---

Daz and I are parents, by the way! We bought ourselves fish for our tank that's been empty for the past month. We didn't want to get any before we left for our holiday so we waited until we got back. It's like our little baby, we always make sure that the water is clean, it's well fed and that the temperature of the tank is within it's acceptable range. We even named it after one of the things that reminds us of our holiday. It's a shibunkin fish called Shisha. We haven't taken any decent pictures of the tank yet but we will soon so wait for that one.

--- oo0oo ---

That's it for me for now. Hope you guys had a great month so far. We're just looking forward to summer this year. The weather has been lovely so far this May, let's hope this will continue on until August.