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Brilipino Extraordinaire

Poster boy for Happiness

27 February

Aldwyn Fernandez's Facebook profile

I was born in a small barrio in the Philippines, grew up in a small idyllic town and moved to a lovely city for when I started attending university. I moved to the Queen City of the South after getting my degree and lived my independent life for four years until I took an unexpected leap to leave it all behind to take a chance outside my comfort zone.

Two years on and here I am! A happy and contented bloke, enjoying being showered with the love coming from a person whose eyes are as beautiful as the blue skies and a personality greater than that of Joan Rivers. He is mine and I am his... now and forevermore.

p.s. This journal is now limited friends-only access. If you want to be considered. Please leave a message and I'll attend to it immediately.